Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sugar.. ahh.. Honey, honey...

I guess that's the song that best describes this week's project.

Yeap.. This is sugar week!!

And we have Chef Scott Green.

Now, let me tell you about this Chef.. Chef Scott is THE sugar artist at The French Pastry School. He's competed in countless championships representing the school, and was a member of the first place winning team at the 2011 National Pastry Team Championship ... In short, he IS the person to learn from, when speaking about sugar.

Of all weeks, this was the one I was the most afraid of. Simply, because I knew nothing about pulling sugar. So, saying it was a tough week, it's an understatement. It proved myself in every possible way.. There was a point where I even felt like I wasn't any good at this sweet art. But Chef Scott pushed me to my limit, and not only taught me how to "treat" sugar, but how to focus and concentrate in getting the job done, and do it right!... Best lesson learned... Thank you Chef!!

So, I ended up winning the battle.. And here are the results..

Chef Scott, making a ribbon out of pulled sugar..

Ribbon demo...

One of my pulled sugar roses..

The right and wrong of a blown sugar swan.. Chef Scott has a distinctive way of teaching...

Rachael's swan's being born... CAW CAWWWW!!!

This is me... Making a pulled sugar ribbon..

Have a sweet one!!

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