Monday, September 2, 2013

...on brotherhood and cupcakes...

as a parent, i'm always so focused on what i teach to my kids, and how i do it.  it is so important for me to get them to be polite, and responsable kids at school, that i tend to forget that the biggest lessons come from them to me every single day. 


the other day the kids asked me to have a cupcake stand, so they could sell their own cupcakes.  and i thought, "this is gonna be the perfect math lesson ever, they will have to sum, and count, give and take money.. let's do it!" i helped them, and we ended up with the most perfect, and sweet cupcake stand ever.. they looked so cute selling their cupcakes, and playing grown ups, that i promised this was the first from many-many cupcake stands to come.. but, the most extraordinary part of the afternoon for my kids, was when they saw their best friends coming to join them with their "cupcake sale".. they were not happy, but over-the-moon-happy, they hugged, and laughed, and even played a bit of star wars while selling cupcakes.   for them it was not only an opportunity to play a bit while they had this cupcake stand; but they had the chance to share a whole experience with their "brother-friends"..

this brotherhood helped me understand {once more}, that it's not the place, it's the love that surrounds us, what gives us happiness.. what keeps us warm.. and makes our home..

to brotherhoods, sisterhoods and cupcakes!!

have a sweet week!!