Friday, May 21, 2010

Le Grand Tour!!!

So we (my husband and I) decided that since this is a huge decision for me to make, I should go visit Le Cordon Bleu, to kind of feel the energy, and ultimately, to listen to what my heart had to say once I stepped into the school. I arranged a visit with Ms. Harbosin, who has been my contact and the person to whom I have made hundreds of question (I am sure she has hallucinations with me!), and she accepted to show me around, even though it was a Saturday.
I took a train at 6.00am, and by 11.30am I was in the French capital, armed with my maps, and a hundred more questions to ask… typical!.
At 12.45 I was in front of the doors of LCB. I cannot express with words what I felt at the precise moment when I crossed those doors. I felt like I was penetrating a bubble… I have dreamed for so long of this moment that it seemed to me like a fantasy. That door was like a bridge between my reality and my dreams... I have never had that feeling before.
Finally, I met Ms. Harbosin. I almost felt like it was a blind date, given that we have exchanged so many e-mails with questions and answers. She was very helpful and straightforward with her explanation about how are the schedules, how a class is divided, and so on. I got to see the kitchens and the demonstration rooms, and it felt quite familiar to me, I don’t know why, I didn’t feel like “wow, I’ve never seen this before”; I felt more like if I was entering a friend’s house, I was comfortable and even relaxed… I guess that’s the result of having read so much about the school. I felt like I already knew it.
Afterwards, I bought a book written by a former LCB student (…how predictable!), ate something and caught my train back to Switzerland…
Au revoir Paris!