Sunday, March 2, 2014

let them eat cake!!

last week, i had the great pleasure of spending a very sweet time with the dream makers of any bride.. the wedding planners!

luckily, i could connect with Evelyne Schaerer, the president of VUSH {Association of Independent Swiss Wedding Planners}, and founder of Your Perfect Day.  she helped me contacting some of her colleagues  {or should i say dream makers} ..and the most special and sweet night was born.

saying that it was only a tasting wouldn't be fair..

it was a time to walk togetehr the sweet roads of dark chocolate, vanilla beans and salty caramel.. an opportunity to speak the romantic language of weddings.. and a moment in time when the only thing that mattered was to feel, smell and eat cakes!

Have a sweet week everyone..

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

music to my ears..

the part i enjoyed the most during my pastry studies in chicago, was staging at Cake Chicago.  i did not only learn about techniques on cakes and pastries, but also, i learned an awful lot about work ethics, team work, and that there's no cakeing without music.. 


 you read it right!.. 

the first thing we would do when stepping into the kitchen was turning on the radio!

we would work weekly  in so many, and so different cakes, that it's nearly impossible for me to pick a favorite one..  however, since i'm such a sugar flowers lover, i must say that this orchid cake is the number 1 for me.

take a look..

 isn't it beautiful?

..there's always a cake that makes a chef work double shifts!.. Mary, from Cake Chicago had the vision, and at first we couldn't really see what she wanted to achieve with the design, but then.. it came to life.. and it was a total winner.

by the end of the year, and after spending afternoons and some Saturdays with Mary and the Cake Chicago team, i finally felt confident to design and work on my own cake for the final project of the course at The French Pastry School Chicago. 

..hope you like it as much as i did!

..i must say that now there are two kinds of music to me.. the one that plays in the radio; and the one that comes from the heart of a bride when she sees pure love expressed in a beautiful cake!

have a sweet one!

Friday, January 10, 2014

hello 2014!!

i don't know how you guys feel about this, but i still can't get over the fact that Christmas is over...

i consider myself such a Xmas junkie, that i spend the whole year thinking, dreaming and waiting for Christmas... Could it be because it's that time of the year when everybody gets into a love-mood?.. and who doesn't want to live in a love-world?

i know i do!, for those of you that might feel the same way as me.. here are some sweet Christmas market pics for you to enjoy!

...doesn't get any better than this... a kid, Santa, and a cupcake!!

have a sweet 2014!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

let's dance..

Sometimes I feel like I'm constantly waiting for something to happen.. get that bigger house I've dreamed of
..for our winter vacations
..for my big project to finally develop

I'm just waiting.. waiting.. and waiting some more..

I just tend to think that when I get everything I'm waiting for, then I will finally get the life I want..


..what would happen if I just LIVED this second, when I have so much, but appreciate so little..

My son Marco, is 4, and is the most sensitive, romantic, and sweet boy I have ever met.. really, he is just this little person that enjoys with extreme pleasure my wedding video, and he could watch it over and over.. and even shed a tear, or two..

He loves dinosaurs, and dragons, rockets, minions, and the "wreck it Ralph" character, like any other kid; but whenever he has the opportunity, he would as well play some love stories with his playmobil knight and princess..

So, just this past Sunday, we were playing a board game, and it came to a point where we had to dance.  He immediately ran to me, made a reverence, and said "would you dance with me?".. my 4 year old.. asking me to dance..

..that was just pure gold!

I gave him my hand {and my all, for that matter!} ..and we started dancing..  when the song ended, he kissed my hand, and said: "you are my princess", with the greatest love in his eyes..

That's a moment I will treasure in my heart for the rest of my live..

..and the second when I realized that the amazing life I've been waiting for is already here..

Let's all start appreciating, be thankful.. and dance!

Monday, September 2, 2013

...on brotherhood and cupcakes...

as a parent, i'm always so focused on what i teach to my kids, and how i do it.  it is so important for me to get them to be polite, and responsable kids at school, that i tend to forget that the biggest lessons come from them to me every single day. 


the other day the kids asked me to have a cupcake stand, so they could sell their own cupcakes.  and i thought, "this is gonna be the perfect math lesson ever, they will have to sum, and count, give and take money.. let's do it!" i helped them, and we ended up with the most perfect, and sweet cupcake stand ever.. they looked so cute selling their cupcakes, and playing grown ups, that i promised this was the first from many-many cupcake stands to come.. but, the most extraordinary part of the afternoon for my kids, was when they saw their best friends coming to join them with their "cupcake sale".. they were not happy, but over-the-moon-happy, they hugged, and laughed, and even played a bit of star wars while selling cupcakes.   for them it was not only an opportunity to play a bit while they had this cupcake stand; but they had the chance to share a whole experience with their "brother-friends"..

this brotherhood helped me understand {once more}, that it's not the place, it's the love that surrounds us, what gives us happiness.. what keeps us warm.. and makes our home..

to brotherhoods, sisterhoods and cupcakes!!

have a sweet week!!