Saturday, October 1, 2011

What's up with the hat??

The day of the week I enjoy the most, is definitely Friday. Not only because it is the end of the week, but, because this is the day when I get to take mi piece home, and since I take the subway, the stares, and the comments are priceless!

This time, first, there was this man that took his iPhone out, to take a picture "without me noticing". Then, there was this French family, that asked me if they could take a picture of me with the cake... It was kind of awkward, but at least they asked... So, I accepted... And last, this guy, hopped into the train at Chicago station, he sitted right beside me, took a look at the cake; then at me; then at the cake again; then at me... And said... Hey, what's up with the hat??

I'm like....

THE HAT???...

IT'S A CAKE!!!...


Ok... Ok... It MIGHT resemble a very tropical BritIsh hat...

What do you think???

Our airbrush equipment, waiting for us!!

The components of my piece.. Drying..

..the petals of my pastillage flower..

Jeri, not wanting me to take this pic.. Sorry, Jeri.. =P

Team 5!!

Jessica, happy with her pastillage..

Joie {best station partner EVER!}, with her glue-to-the-offset spatula-flower.. =S

Erin, moving her gorgeous piece..

My pastillage piece... Or pastillage British hat??

Have a sweet one!!


Joy Carrara said...

You are doing great dear!!!

Nayma said...

Thanx, Joy!!... This program is amazing, I'm learning by the second... =D