Sunday, September 18, 2011

We not only bake.. We laugh as well!!

So, we have a new project with Chef Mark (who I happen to enjoy so much as a teacher!).. this project is a Baby Shower Cake, and it incorporates string work {which is an intricate technique with royal icing}, embossing; lots of piping; gum paste inscriptions; and a super delicate gum paste French Tulip.. I told you.. We are learning a lot!!

These "piping days", the best advise ever, that we have received from Chef Mark, is a very simple one: BREATHE! I discover that most of the times, when I pipe, I just hold my breath.. So, I have to remind myself from time to time to breathe.. Simple, but powerful advise!!

Cake about to be decorated..

Baby shower cake!!.. And French Tulip!!

The most hilarious part of these project , was when Chef Mark took a pantyhose... Yeap... You read right... A PANTYHOSE!! And covered his hand with it. He uses it to strain the royal icing, and he told us that the funniest thing was seeing the face of the cashier at the store, each time he buys
50 of those... She must think he's having quite a party!!

Cakes waiting to be graded..

Have a sweet one!!

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