Friday, October 14, 2011

A Royal Week...

Finally, the week I have been waiting for since the begining of the course... It's gum paste, piping with royal icing, and rolled fondant week with Chef Nicholas Lodge!!

Chef Nicholas is a true cake star!!.. I mean, he made one of the cakes for Princess Diana and Prince Charle's royal wedding... Do I need to say more??

The most incredible thing, is that he doesn't have an ounce of arrogance. In fact, he is really humble and generous, he's shared with us every single tip and secret he has, and he couldn't be more patient.. I am thrilled to be his student!!

Here are some pics..

Yep.. Every day, at this time, I am already having my coffee while waiting for the brown line train to theloop.. Life's tough..

Chef Nicholas, giving a demo on frosting a cake with royal icing..

Our roses...

Close up of my full blown gum paste rose..

Cake... Step by step...

Piping details of my Valentine's cake..

Me and my little baby...

Chef Scott just decided to stop by, and enjoy his favorite treat.. CAKE POPS!!!... =P ...your face, Chef... PRICELESS!!!

Have sweet one!!

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