Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cake building.. And a field trip..

This week's project involves baking, whipping, filling, piping... In short, it's what's better known as Cake Building.

...And Chef Josh Johnson is in the house!!...

I must say that this was the smoothest, easiest, and most relaxed week we've had yet, and I think it's because Chef Josh never hurried us, and always repeated, time after time, that we needed to explore and fail to really learn our lessons.. So, we had a fun week trying his experiments, and ours as well.. =)

Beautiful and golden Vanilla Genoise... Mmmmm.... I can almost smell it!

Chef Josh, giving a demo on piping..

One of my experiments..

Every Wednesday, we have to deep clean the kitchen, which means moving all the tables, cleaning all the drains, inside of the ovens, and so on.. It's insane!!...

By 12.45 we are ready to go!!

I had time in the afternoon to do a little field trip, so what best than visiting Magnolia Bakery??

Have a sweet one!!

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