Saturday, July 2, 2011

Time to celebrate!!

When I met Patricio {my husband}, and discovered that his birthday was actually the same day as mine {yep... we celebrate a dual birthday every July 2nd in this house}, I could not believe it... It was not only a great coincidence, but at that time I thought that it was the ultimate sign from heaven that he was the man of my live, no doubts, no questions at all... HE WAS THE ONE!

Then we got to celebrate our very first dual birthday, and it surprised me that I kind of felt awkward... I mean, all my life this was MY DAY.  The day were my mom would give me my favorite cake; I would eat my favorite meal; my friends would take me wherever place I wanted to go; my brothers couldn't bother me, 'cause I was untouchable... 'cause it was MY DAY... and then, suddenly, I had to share MY DAY... I mean, come on... like it wasn't fun anymore... forget about him being the man of my life... I still wanted MY DAY back!!

So, I kind of got over it, and after two years being together as a couple, we decided to take the next step and started planning our wedding.  There were plenty of details to take care of {if you have ever planned a wedding, you know what I'm talking about...}, the reception; the theme; the food; the  flowers; the guests list... and so on... but there were two things that were pretty clear for us, one was that we had to get married in Venezuela {the other option was Mexico since my husband is Mexican}; and the second and most important, was the date... it absolutely had to be on... {yes, you guessed!} ...July 2nd!!

So yes, as crowded as it may sound, today we are celebrating my birthday, his birthday and our anniversary... and although it is not "my day" anymore, celebrating our birthdays together has a sense of unity to me... it is like we share even this special day, and it makes it more special to celebrate as well our love and our family.

Honey, this one goes to you, to me... to us!... Happy Anni-birthday!

...And here are some pictures of our wedding... brothers and an uncle welcoming Patricio to the family!!

"Grow old along with me... the best is yet to be"

That's a wrap everybody!!... have a sweet week!!

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