Sunday, July 10, 2011

More about firsts...

When I made my very first cake to order, I was sooooo nervous! ...I felt such a great responsibility, I mean, the words of my client were: "I want your cake to be the surprise I give my husband first time in the morning of his birthday".... Like, for real???... I felt so honored to know that something made by me, was going to be the gift for this man from his lovely wife... Wow!

{...btw, that first cake was a chocolate one, covered with ganache, simple, but enough to have me worried for days...}

Now, this time around {and the inspiration for this post}, is the first cake I made to order for a wedding.... A REAL ONE!!! In fact, to be more specific, an Italian summer wedding in San Pietro in Cerro; and I felt all over again the same nervousness that I got that first time one year ago. It is certainly overwhelming to think that a cake I made will be part of such a big celebration; an important element in a reunion where two souls will promise love forever... Oh Gosh!... What an honor!

It was a Summer Cake, as I love to call it... the flavor was banoffe, and it was meant to be placed on top of a tower of cupcakes made by the mother of the groom with a family recipe.

Congratulations Marco & Karine!!

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