Monday, November 21, 2011 is good!!

Our petit fours' teacher, for this week, is: Chef Kristen Ryan.

As she said so many times, the right ingredients in the right application, make this job a true art. We got to combine flavours that some of us were afraid to even try; and we had the opportunity to learn how to play with textures as well.

Chef Kristen, it was a true pleasure to be your student... I just hope I have another opportunity to share a kitchen with such a brilliant Artist, and remember once again that "Life is Good"!

Have a sweet one,


Catherine Chappel Flaherty said...

These are really beautiful, Nayma! Pretty, petite little desserts are my favorite kind (because I can have more than one). I'd like to have one of each of these. :-)

Nayma said...

I know, right??... That's what makes these little desserts so dangerous... You can always eat more than one!!... ;) xx