Saturday, March 31, 2012

Back in the game!!

It's been a long time since my last post, and for that reason I have to apologize..

After my great chicagoan adventure, and the big opportunity I had to study in one of the most prestigious pastry schools on earth {no kidding!!}, I must say I am super happy to be back home.  Not only because I counted the weeks, days, and hours to reunite with my husband and kids again; but because I really missed working in my place; and the luxury of writing {believe me, I had such busy days in Chicago between school and internship, that I never could sit, cool down, and write... it was a total luxury!}

So, this time I have the urge to write about girls.. Oh yeah.. cute, pink, sassy, and sometimes over-dramatic girls..

As some of you know, I have two boys of my own, whom I love to pieces... and of course, they like Star wars, hot wheels, super heroes, dinosaurs, and all that stuff... and they are as simple and practical as a boy can be..  No fuss, no drama...

On the other hand, I have lots of nieces {because my friends are my family as well, and they all have girls}, and these girls are like little delicate flowers.  They scream of happiness; they bounce when they get excited; they cry because another girl didn't say hi; and they even come to me to play hairdresser... OMG, how cute is that??..

That's why, when a friend of mine came to me a few weeks ago, and asked if I could design a cake for her little princess, I didn't even think about it!!... because, these are the opportunities I have to escape from cars; swords; trains; and extinct creatures, to overindulge with pinks, flowers, and cuteness... lots of cuteness!!

Enjoy the pics and have a sweet one!!

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