Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One cookie, two cookies... thirty cookies!... and a Cake!

As a mother of two boys, I should have known that the time would come to work on this kind of project.  Let me explain a bit more...
Manuel, my 5-year-old, has been for some time now, quite "obsessed" with everything Star Wars... but I mean EVERYTHING!  So, as his birthday approached, I had the sinking feeling that his ultimate request for his birthday cake would be... yeap... you got it... Star Wars!
That makes this week's experience kind of "extraterrestrial"... Never, ever, would I have imagined that someday I would have to make precisely these theme cookies and cake. 
Well, the time to venture myself in this intergalactic experience has come, and I must say that I AM TERRIFIED!, because believe me, having to draw the face of this famous dark lord in not one but thirty cookies sounds quite daunting... May the force be with me! 

These little ones are ready to be baked!

This is the final product... my son was over the moon with these sweeties!

There were two birthday boys... my happy son is the one wearing the navy blue t-shirt, and of course, the cake is wearing black!

Happy birthday my sweet boy!!!... I'll love you 4ever!!!

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