Sunday, May 29, 2011

If it comes from Italy, it must be good!

This week's project is based on the rich and delicious Tiramisu [tirameˈsu], which translates into "pick me up"... {apparently}...  Even though this is a delicious and indulgent confection on its original version, I kind of wanted to give it a twist, and make my very own version of it.  That's why I chose to cake it... that's right... CAKE IT!, because I truly believe that anything caked must be good, right? So, instead of the traditional savoiardi, I used a very moist vanilla cake; and to keep the mascarpone factor, I filled the layers of the cake with mascarpone frosting, topped with some chocolate shavings...

There are two reasons why I chose to make this Italian inspired cake.  One is that we will be celebrating my good friend's birthday, that is the cake part; and as for the Italian part of this project, it is inspired by my friend Giuliana who is leaving Switzerland to start a new life in another country, and who happens to be a true Italian {you know, the kind that always welcomes you at her home with a freshly made cup of good coffee ...grazie mille Giuli!!!..., and has homemade "salsa di pomodoro" in her fridge...}

Have a sweet week everyone!!!

As I said before, I used a traditional vanilla cake recipe, and soaked it in espresso syrup, so I would get that coffee flavour that identifies my muse.. I mean, the tiramisu... 

So, this one goes to you two, Giuli and Sole!!!... LET THE PARTY START!!!

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